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Focus Areas

Real Estate

Commercial/Residential - Purchases ($1,950), Sales ($1,750), Lender/Borrower Mortgages/Refinancing ($1,650), Transfers ($550) *This all-inclusive pricing is based on standard residential closings and does not include government taxes/fees or title insurance

Wills & Estates

Single Last Will and Testament ($300) *spousal rates available, Multiple Wills, Life Insurance Declarations, Registered Account, Tax Mitigation, Estate Administration & Litigation

Corporate & Business

Incorporating ($1,500), Annuals/Administration, Shareholder's Agreements


Divorce, Domestic Agreements - Pre-nuptial, Cohabitation, Separation


Member of Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals - focusing on keeping families out of court and costs to a minimal.

Notary Public

Notarizing, Certifying, Commissioning, Etc.

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Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Business, and Family Lawyer

About Christopher G. Rogers, Lawyer & Notary

Located downtown Guelph, Ontario, with a focus in real estate, wills and estates, corporate, and family law. The practice offers more than a decade of experience in supporting client's legal needs, including services such as property transactions, estate planning, business dealings, and family legal matters. The office emphasizes a modern approach to legal services with options for remote consultations and e-signing, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all clients. 

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